Apprenticeship tax payment

Since 2017, the IAE La Rochelle can receive the apprenticeship tax, please support us in the continuous development of our school’s quality.

The apprenticeship tax: a vital aid for our students

Payment due before the end of February
The IAE La Rochelle has been a member of the IAE France network since 2013. It has distinguished itself by combining academic excellence and high professional standards. The IAE offers various programs in management, including an undergraduate degree and five advanced Master’s programs that are open to either recent graduates or integrated into an ongoing program of professional development. One of the Institute’s priorities is to continuously make our programs better, by giving them the means to develop, which is why we now receive an apprenticeship tax from companies.

By choosing the IAE, you are contributing to training your future collaborators:

  • by buying new efficient equipment, which is linked to the business world, thus making our teaching environment even better
  • by giving more international outlook to our programs
  • by developing services offered to businesses

Our actions

Thanks to its partner companies, the IAE La Rochelle is able to invest in:
Material and digital resources (IT labs, software licenses, video projectors)
The Voltaire certification (French spelling level test)
Informative resources (books and case studies).

Tax payment

To pay the IAE your apprenticeship tax, please refer to your OCTA (Apprenticeship Tax Collecting Organism), and indicate:

1. In the Payment section, at the back of the OCTA form, the name of our establishment : IAE LA ROCHELLE and our UAI code: 0171468D.

2. The program to which you want to contribute:

    • Management Bachelor’s Degree
    • Master’s in Management and Business Administration
    • Master’s in Sales Marketing, Service Marketing
    • Master’s in Tourism, Hotel and Tourism Management
    • Master’s in Management of Information Systems, Information Systems Applied to Management
    • Master’s in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Management

3. The amount of your contribution to the IAE La Rochelle, or the phrase “maximum amount for IAE La Rochelle”.

The IAE La Rochelle is authorized to receive the apprenticeship tax in-quota and over-quota in categories A and B.

Payment form

To give us your support, please mail us.

The IAE thanks you for your trust.
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