Coming to study at the IAE La Rochelle

Each year, the University of La Rochelle welcomes hundreds of foreign students. Being at the heart of the city, it offers an ideal working environment and the IAE’s programs allow you to acquire extensive knowledge and skills in Management Sciences.

By coming to the IAE La Rochelle you will be studying in a human-size university with a population of 7,500 students.

La Rochelle: an exceptional living and working environment

The University of La Rochelle is located at the heart of the city, in an exceptional environment close to the sea. Each year, its international outlook brings in 1,100 foreign students of many different nationalities and from every continent.

At the IAE La Rochelle, you do more than just studying : student life is also at its best. Well-organized student associations help facilitate your integration in the studying community.

Philippe Pfeffer


International Relations Manager

Programs that meet company needs

The IAE La Rochelle’s programs are based on developing solid theoretical knowledge and acquiring asserted professional skills. As a result of these standards, 90% of our graduates find a job.

Attentive teaching staff

At the IAE La Rochelle high quality teaching is offered. Our teachers, who are always accessible and available, are attentive to students’ preoccupations. Our teaching staff is composed of teachers, lecturers and experienced business world professionals.

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