DU (University Diploma) Consultant organisation management

La Rochelle

The university diploma “consultant in organization and management” must enable the participants to acquire the skills, methods and practical tools needed for the consulting profession.
The objective of this diploma is to enable the participants to develop their expertise through a complementary double approach: to develop their professional skills by transferring them to consultant expertise and to acquire all the tools that will allow them to carry out a consulting activity.
At the end of this training, the participants must be able to develop an activity of internal or external consulting.

About this program

You have expertise in the field of management (financial management, information systems,
Organization, human resources, customer relations ...) and you want to evolve in your career.
We offer you how to acquire the methods and tools essential to the profession of a consultant knowing
and understanding the market, analyzing the existing situation, making a diagnosis, searching for and proposing solutions.
The aim of this diploma is to enable participants to develop their professional skills in consulting expertise.
The organizational consultant accompanies the management of a company in its strategic choices and organizations.
He or she can intervene in one of the specialized areas of management: human resources, information systems, marketing, business development, security, quality management, financial management, certifications, HSE ...
He or she must then take into account the whole organization of the company: make recommendations
responding to its strategic challenges and analyzing the consequences of such recommendations
on the organization.

Eve Lamendour


(77 hours, 4 modules)


Candidates must fill in an application file which is examined by a committee of the diploma, the latter decides on the admissibility of the application and receives the candidates for interviews in order to better appreciate the suitability of the candidate’s training project. After his/her admission to training and obtaining his/her financing, the candidate enrolls with the “Maison de la Réussite” which establishes his/her training contract.

Prerequisites :

The candidate must have a professional project which is coherent with the objectives of the program, have significant professional experience and have a 4-year University background.

Tuition fees :

€ 1 950 net
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Target positions

  • internal or external consultant
  • consultant trainer

Employed by a service company and on mission for a client, or for his own account, the consultant plays a role of analysis, needs assessment, advice and proposal of solutions.
This job requires a taste for contact and an interest in the realization of a consultancy mission in complete autonomy, which implies in particular the capacity to listen to clients and high diplomatic skills.
In addition to proven technical skills in his/her area of ​​expertise, the consultant must demonstrate analytical and synthetic capacities.
Finally, he/she carries out an ongoing monitoring activity in order to be at the forefront of technological information and be able to advise his/her customers as well as possible.

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