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SEO, SEA, CPC, CPM..., the jargon of digital marketing is sometimes difficult to understand. The aim of this program is to enable participants to develop the necessary skills which will optimize the presence of their firms on the web. Thanks to this diploma, you will be able to better master the major stakes that surround digital marketing.

This program aims to enable students acquire the professional skills to:

  • Understand the evolution of the behavior of the connected consumer whose evolution has undergone profound transformations.
  • Master the fundamentals of digital marketing to develop the relevant digital strategies and choose the right levers to optimize the presence of his/her company on the Internet: understand how to create traffic on his/her site, turn prospects into customers and retain them.
  • Be able to choose the right providers and tools related to business issues.

About this program


It involves acquiring all the skills necessary to deploy and optimize a digital marketing strategy:

  • Develop a strategic marketing approach adapted to the company’s digital goals and objectives.
  • Technically master the main tools of Digital Marketing and choose the most appropriate tools.
  • Define strategies into coherent action plans, integrating web tools.
  • Pilot and analyze the return on investment of the actions implemented.


The courses are organized in 7 modules spread over a period of 6 months to enable the participants to carry out jointly a professional activity and training


The training period is 144 hours with one 3-day module per month (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) from January to July

The lessons will take place over 3 days, 20 hours, from Wednesday to Friday

Module Title Date
Module 1 Digital strategy and technologies (20 h) January
Module 2 Visibility levers (20 h) February
Module 3 Building and improving customer loyalty (20 h) March
Module 4 E-mail marketing (20 h) April
Module 5 Community management (20 h) May
Module 6 Mobile marketing (20 h) June
Module 7 Real cases and professional thesis (24 h) Defense on July

Program and Content

Module 1: Digital strategy

Module 1: Digital strategy and technologies

  • Organization of information systems (architecture and interoperability of systems ...)
  • Web technologies (web diffusion, protocols, web languages ​​- HTML5 - CSS - Javascript, CMS, web responsive, web trends).
  • Business intelligence and technology (data acquisition, data transformation, web analytics tools, adaptive web)
  • Contracting digital development (drafting specifications)

Module 2: Levers of visibility

Module 2: Levers of visibility

  • The various levers: SEO, SEA, display, affiliation, (e-mailing), retargeting, video
  • Know their strengths and conditions of effectiveness
  • The different economic models (CPM, CPA, CPV ...)
  • Efficiency indicators (dashboards and KPIs)

Module 3: Building and (...)

Module 3: Building and improving customer loyalty

  • Web Conversion and User Experience
  • Digital brand content
  • Web-testing (A / B tests, multivariable test, tools)
  • Web Analytics (KPI, tunnels conversion)
  • Satisfaction surveys and online games

Module 4: E-mail marketing

Module 4: E-mail marketing

  • Key figures and objectives
  • E-mailing of conquest / e-mailing of loyalty
  • Deliverability
  • Platforms and BDD

Module 5: Community management

Module 5: Community management

  • Key figures
  • Objectives and challenges
  • The main social web tools
  • The social media strategy and the main KPIs
  • Community Management

Module 6: Mobile Marketing

Module 6: Mobile Marketing

  • Key figures and challenges
  • The marketing objectives of a mobile presence
  • The mobile development ecosystem (stakes and constraints, frameworks, blinds, mobile web).
  • Connected Objects and Mobile Technologies
  • Mobile marketing tools
  • Mobile user experience
  • Prospects and new trends

Module 7: Real Cases and (...)

Module 7: Real Cases and Professional Memory

  • This module is distributed over the 6 sessions at the rate of 4 hours per session on Friday afternoon.
    Released on June and defended on July.


The deep mutation that digital creates leaves many marketing managers helpless. The objective of the program, combining reflection and practical cases, is to allow participants to better understand this new consumer chameleon, to master the fundamentals of digital marketing to be able to make the most relevant choices.

Florence Euzeby



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Florence Euzeby


Prerequisites :

  • A professional project which is coherent with the program’s objectives.
  • 3-year University experience, preferably in the fields of management, marketing or communication
  • Fundamental knowledge of management.

Tuition fees :

4,500 euros net
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