Getting involved in the IAE life

The IAE La Rochelle supports professionals that get involved with students, and develop lasting partnerships with them.

Become a privileged IAE La Rochelle partner

Professionals have the possibility to get involved with students during:

  • Thematic classes
  • A conference to share their experience

Each year, the IAE La Rochelle organizes events for different types of audiences: graduation ceremony, jobs & internships day, professional conferences etc.

During these events, businesses can be provided with dedicated space, specific recruiting sessions, visibility on our media etc.

University of La Rochelle foundation

Fondation Université de La Rochelle Since 2009, the University of La Rochelle foundation has been encouraging links between the academic community and the socioeconomic world, by giving companies a more determining role in the University’s development.

By sharing our principles, our different partners are commited to participating in the expansion of knowledge, economic growth, regional development and the consolidation of citizen commitment.

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