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The IAE La Rochelle (Institute for Business Administration), the university school of management of La Rochelle, participates in the development of research and advanced training in management.

Within the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management, members of staff at the IAE La Rochelle have great teaching research and administrative experience that benefits students.


With an exceptionally high quality working environment, excellent lecturers, and the high value we give to human factors, the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (Institute for Business Administration) at the University of La Rochelle seeks excellence in both teaching and research in management science. All our efforts are aimed at ensuring that our students succeed in their chosen careers, in particular through the development of work/study programmes and closer partnerships with businesses. We do all we can to help our graduates find internships and employment opportunities, while at the same time raising the profile of our Institute on the international stage. These are some of the principles that form the foundation for, and guide our work

IAE La Rochelle, training programs in high level management.

The IAE La Rochelle has been a member of the IAE France network since 2013. It has distinguished itself by combining academic excellence and high professional standards.

The IAE offers various programs in management, including an undergraduate degree and five advanced Master’s programs that are open to either recent graduates or integrated into a continuing program of professional development. Consequently, our students are well-prepared for business world responsibilities.

Professionalizing training programs

Our teaching practices mean that our graduates quickly find jobs: working in small groups, case studies, Business Games and internships ensure that our students have the knowledge, skills and know-how that businesses need.

Research Team:

The IAE La Rochelle also offers a PhD program in Management Sciences, through its research center and local team, therefore contributing to training lecturers and higher level executives.

IAE La Rochelle, the university school of management closest to professionals

As it has been collaborating with the socioeconomic world since its creation in 1993, IAE La Rochelle is able to combine, through its different programs, both real understanding of business and knowledge of management techniques.

The IAE La Rochelle’s programs meet companies’ requirements at best, so that high-level collaborators are at their disposal, being able to react to the challenges of organizations’ constant evolution.

IAE La Rochelle, an ideal and satisfying environment

La Rochelle is well known for its remarkable quality of life. Blended into the city and close to the sea, the University allows students to enjoy every aspect of our beautiful port town.

The city of La Rochelle was nominated first average-sized student town (and came 22nd in general rankings) by L’Étudiant magazine, winning in two categories: night life and environment.

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IAE La Rochelle, key figures:

- annual intake of more than 1000 students for initial and ongoing training
- a team of permanent teachers and lecturers, completed by many temporary staff.
- 59 active international partnership agreements in 27 countries.
- 1 research team, working on 2 main subjects.
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