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The Master’s Degree in Information Systems / IS Applied to Management prepares future managers with broad interdisciplinary skills. Their knowledge allows them to mobilize digital tools that are adapted to functional decisions and companies’ strategy. Graduates are supposed to assume functional responsibility of Information Systems, their knowledge of management must therefore be the best possible.

About this program

Master 1: a solid management level

A master’s degree can be considered only as part of a broader training. The first year in Master in Information Systems Applied to Management has two goals:

  • reinforcement of knowledge in general management
  • support for specialization in the second year
    The Master 1 offered at the IAE La Rochelle gives students the opportunity to specialize progressively. After a first semester based on the fundamentals of management, the second one is specifically oriented towards information systems.

Information systems, a major function in today’s companies

The important role played by the Information System (combination of material, digital and human resources) in management decisions is today very explicit. In each company function (administration, accounting, finance, marketing, logistics etc.), the tools that support management decisions are very often computer applications.
Therefore, further exploration of these sectors cannot be considered without including the corresponding digital tools. Whether they are big or small, today’s companies are facing the necessity of bringing together these tools, which have been integrated little by little, and making decision processes better with technological progress.

Master 2, Information Systems Applied to Management: training managers

In order to be digitally integrated, big companies need functional management teams with solid knowledge of digital services. In many small ones, such profiles hardly exist.
These assessments are the basis of this program. The goal isn’t to train IT engineers but educated users of digital management tools, able to adapt such tools to the responsibility of decision making.

The acquired skills and knowledge should allow graduates to take part in the ongoing integration process of digital solutions, or even direct that process in some cases.
This program’s objective is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage an Information System project and, therefore, mobilize the internal or external resources and skills student lack.



3 to 6-month internship


Candidates are selected according to their profiles.
Download the Master 1 application file at:
Download the Master 2 application file at:
A less than two-year-old IAE Message Score is required.

Prerequisites :

Prerequisites for Master 1
- Advanced knowledge of French
- IT Degree (databases)
- Management Degree (accounting, management, marketing…)
Prerequisites for Master 2
- Validated training in IS Management;
- Validated project or research related to IS;
- Field experience via internships or positions of responsibility.

Tuition fees :

Basic university fees
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Target positions

  • Project manager
  • Director of studies
  • Management inspector
  • Account manager
  • Administration and finance director
  • IS Management consultant

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