Make your employees evolve

As it works closely together with companies, the University of La Rochelle offers, via its IAE, different qualifying training programs in management that are adapted to professionals’ requirements.

Programs adapted to companies

The University of La Rochelle develops, via the IAE, complete continuing training programs according to the needs of professionals and individual projects. From Bachelor’s to Master’s, every management discipline is accessible through continuing training.
These qualifying programs are an ideal way to:

  • Update your managers’ knowledge
  • Make your teams acquire new skills
  • Adapt your collaborators aptitudes to modern economic stakes

Face-to-face continuing programs at the IAE of La Rochelle

You can access any offered initial program at the IAE of La Rochelle in continuing training.

100% e-learning

The Master in Management and Business Administration (MAE), which provides a double expertise, is available in two different innovative ways: 100% by e-learning or on demand (qualifying certificate in-person or by correspondence).

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