Master’s in Environmental Science, Environmental Management

La Rochelle
  • Initial training
  • Continuing training

The Environmental Management Master’s trains specialists capable of understanding research or society issues related to the integrated management of natural and coastal area. It responds to a societal context in which there is a lack of adequate tools for reflection and decision-making on issues of sustainable development in human-impacted spaces.
It is multidisciplinary in nature, which is an original and essential asset of training and allows students to acquire a broad view of the environment in exploited ecosystems, while remaining specialists in ecology, earth sciences, geography or management.
The knowledge and skills acquired in the domain of Environmental Management allow graduates to integrate private companies and public organizations to accompany these approaches and their extension in the field of environmental and sustainable development.
The graduate is capable of designing and participating in the application of the expected responses to the environmental challenges that organizations face. He/she understands the stakes of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), knows the main references (ISO 9 001, 14 001, 26 000, OHSAS 18 000), controls the tools of quality, project management, team management and change management.

About this program

François Mayon


Responsable du master 1

Eve Lamendour


Responsable du master 2


Internship from 3 to 6 months


Candidates are selected according to their profile.
Download the Master 1 application file at
Download the Master 2 application file at

Prerequisites :

For Master 1:
- 3-year university experience to master the fundamentals of organizational management.
For Master 2:
- Validated 4-year university experience coherent with the curriculum.

Tuition fees :

University fees
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Target positions

  • Environmental safety supervisor
  • Quality Manager
  • Sustainable Development Project Leader
  • Consultant in environmental regulation, Green IT
  • Quality, safety, environment consultant

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