Master’s in Sales Marketing – Service Marketing

La Rochelle
  • Initial training
  • Continuing training
  • Block/release program

The Sales Marketing Master’s (Service Marketing) prepares operational executives to integrate service companies.
The acquired skills and knowledge ensure fast integration into operational positions related to marketing, digital marketing and the commercialization of services.
A 3 to 6 month internship completes the program.

About this program

Master 1: a solid management level

A master’s degree can be considered only as part of a broader training. The first year in the Master of Service Marketing has two goals:

  • reinforcement of general knowledge in management
  • support for specialization in the second year

The Master 1 offered at the IAE La Rochelle gives students the opportunity to specialize progressively. After a first semester based on the fundamentals of management, the second one is specifically oriented towards service marketing.

Master 2: web marketing techniques

The Service Marketing Master’s program is based essentially on what industrial and commercial companies consider a new advantage: digital services.

At the same time, the program deals with new consumer demands and habits, which are naturally implied in processes combining real and virtual features (identifying opportunities on the internet, comparing offers…).

Since 2015, a new feature has been added to the program: digital marketing!
Digital marketing is divided into the following four classes:
- Web technologies
- Digital marketing strategy
- Social media and community management
- Mobile marketing

Professionalizing training with an international focus

The program is based on information technologies as an additional management tool for both local and international strategies.


The world economy is today structured around the return of industries and services assocated with it. Consumers want more and more services along with products and according to new demands, those of the 21st century. The Service Marketing Master’s at the IAE provides students with the necessary keys and knowledge to succeed rapidly thanks both to behavioral but also operational skills aquiried at the IAE .

Florence Euzeby


Graduate’s testimony

If I had to summarize this program in a few words, I would say it’s like the city of La Rochelle, well placed to welcome students from all over France, or even Europe. By recruiting different profiles, it creates an interesting chemistry. It is reinforced by quality speakers, who are curious about the evolution of their areas of specialization. All these elements give access to a wide range of jobs in management or commercial sectors, making the IAE a good trainer for the companies welcoming its students.

Kevin Bridier (Promo 2016), Responsable SEA et UX chez Mindfruits - Co-auteur de Webmarketing paru en 2017 aux éditions ENI Kevin Bridier (Promo 2016), Responsable SEA et UX chez Mindfruits - Co-auteur de Webmarketing paru en 2017 aux éditions ENI


Minimum 10 week internship


Candidates are selected according to their profiles.
Download the Master 1 application file at
Download the Master 2 application file at
A less than two-year-old IAE Message Score is required.

Prerequisites :

Master 1: Management degree
Master 2: Management degree and Master 1

Tuition fees :

Basic university fees
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Target positions

  • Marketing studies director, online studies director
  • Merchandising manager, product manager
  • Sales representative
  • Communication manager, community manager
  • Bank or insurance agency director
  • Area manager in mass retail
  • Purchasing manager
  • Web marketing manager, traffic manager

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