Preparatory class for Business Schools – Economy (ECG)

La Rochelle
  • Initial training

The preparatory classes for the major business schools ensure the preparation of entrance examinations in two academic years to these schools under the best conditions (entrance examinations BCE and ECRICOME in particular). The program is co-organized by the IAE La Rochelle and the Lycée Saint Exupéry in La Rochelle. In line with the national ECG CPGE program, courses offered include mathematics, computer science, general knowledge, economics, sociology and History of the contemporary world. Two foreign languages ​ as well as physical education are compulsory.

About this program

A preparatory class for business schools?

And why not you ?
And why not at the University of La Rochelle?
You choose to join us?

You will benefit above all from supervision by a team of very involved professors, concerned about the quality of the accompaniment they bring to you everyday and your success. These two years of preparatory classes, of course, will allow you to prepare under the best conditions the competitions of the “grandes écoles de commerce”, but, beyond this short-term objective, through the pedagogical methods employed and the diversity of the origins of the students, the course will help you become citizens that are open to the world, curious and attentive to others.

For two years that will prove to be rich and dense, you will have the chance to study in a privileged setting. In addition to the modern teaching premises of the IAE La Rochelle and the immediate proximity of two university restaurants, you can access the various university departments: the university library, the sports activities and facilities provided by the SUAPSE or for those who prefer a break when practicing a play or photography, the different activities offered at the Maison de l’étudiant. This study environment is really conducive to your success, allowing you to combine intensity of work and quality of life. Not to mention the BDE (Student Office) of the IAE La Rochelle which ensures that all students feel well integrated in the IAE and this contributes largely to the developpement of their feeling of belonging to a community.

Isabelle Sueur

Graduate’s testimonial
I will never forget my two years in the preparatory class. This training offered in La Rochelle has advantages that other CPGEs do not have. I am thinking in particular of the teaching staff who is always available and listening to the students. This is actually a key point in this type of training because it is important to feel supported to succeed. These two years have been the most intense in my school career. I do not regret this choice and if I had to do it again, I would. The knowledge and the method acquired at the end of this program allowed me to pursue my studies in business school with more ease.

Morgane, étudiante à l'EM Normandie Morgane, étudiante à l’EM Normandie


Hold an economic, social or literary high school diploma
University students in the first year of study who wish to reorient themselves may also apply.
- Candidates are selected according to their profile.
- Required entry on the website Admission post-bac: followed by sending the paper files to the university.
- English and Spanish are the only possible foreign language options.

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Target positions

At the end of a long program at a school or university, the following functions are accessible within any sector of activity, whether commercial or non-commercial.

  • Marketing, sales,
  • Finance, accounting, control
  • Management and Human Resources
  • Management of information systems
  • Purchasing, logistics
  • International exchanges

Further learning

The pursuit of studies after passing the competition is to be admited into a large business school.
Upon enrollment in the first year of the preparatory class, students are also enrolled in the first year of a Bachelors degree in management at the IAE La Rochelle. Further studies at the IAE may therefore be considered.


Studying at the University of La Rochelle