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Students and graduates acquire skills that are vital to companies today.

Receiving an intern from the IAE La Rochelle

The IAE La Rochelle trains more than 800 students every year, from the bachelor’s level to the master’s, in the fields of management, business administration, marketing or information systems.

Internships take place all year long and can last from 4 weeks to 6 months.

As an integral part of training at the IAE, internships are essential for professionalizing students, who complete more than a thousand each year, in France as well as abroad.

Mandatory Internships

Internships are mandatory in:
A contract is signed for each internship, in three copies, and each student must hand in a report and prepare a presentation.

The IAE La Rochelle also offers four of its master’s degrees on a work/ study model. The goal is to facilitate professional integration and give an operational dimension to the academic career of the sudents.

Work/ study programs


Recruit an IAE graduate

Each year, more than 300 IAE students obtain a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree.

Find all our IAE graduates on LunivR, the University of La Rochelle’s alumni network.

To learn more about our graduates’ and interns’ profile, check out the IAE’s program catalog.

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