Research Team – CEREGE (EA1722)

The CEREGE (EA1722) is a multidisciplinary research team in Social Sciences. This research center is divided into one main headquarters establishment and a secondary office, here in La Rochelle, which brings together fifteen lecturers in Management Sciences, Economy and Law.

In accordance with the University’s research approaches, the La Rochelle CEREGE team is mainly focused on two themes: “digital technology” and “sustainable development”. The goal is to develop excellence in research, through academic publications, participation in institutional and collaborative projects and, generally speaking, by contributing to the different debates in our respective fields of expertise and beyond.

Digital Approach

The ambitious program of this approach is to understand the changes implied by new information and communications technology and to apprehend its newest opportunities. What are the mechanisms that lead to the creation of new services, media and organizations? How have traditional industries and consumer habits been transformed with the development of the Internet?

An innovating digital world

The digital system has simultaneously generated giants like Google or Amazon as well as open and participative communities like Wikipedia or Thepiratebay. An abundance of digital innovations has appeared, at the intersection between two worlds, between exchange and transaction.

These innovations promote the collective value of the Internet crowd of users’ individual contributions but also tend to stimulate and flood new markets.

Focus on cultural industries

Cultural industries are particularly analyzed within this approach. This sector itself summarizes a big part of the problems caused by the digital world, but also of the opportunities it offers: disruption of procedures and its actors’ roles, changes in business models, emergence of consumers whose role is now not only to consume but also to produce…

In cultural industries, one focus takes a particular interest in information processing in a context of overabundant digital supply. In the specific field of performance, spectators use the Internet to look for information, book tickets, but also to interact with artists, comment on their shows and grade them on the conversation market that digital media represents, especially through social networks. One of our fields of research in customer behavior puts a light on the “inside” of the spectator’s decision process. Another one, more on the B2B level, explores the decision process for buyers in events companies.

Bandeau CEREGE

Sustainable development approach

This subject is part of the University’s strategic approaches. The common realization of planetary risks caused by global warming and of the seriousness of ecological harm, as a consequence of our growth methods, has led every scientific community to mobilize and try to take up the challenge.

Biology of course, Materials Science, Hard Science, but also Social Science,, today every single one is committed in that direction. Management Sciences as well, and for the past two decades it has collected a great number of works and contributions dealing with sustainable development, therefore extending and updating the already ancient history of business’ social responsibility. The sustainable development approach aims to fall within that tradition and perspective.

This choice, far from being any kind of preocupation in originality is on the contrary based on a double wish: take part in the large multidisciplinary mobilization to answer an urgent and major social demand, and rely on real local potentialities, that are present within the University of La Rochelle, so that interdisciplinary dialogue, necessitated by sustainable development, can take place.

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