Research at the IAE of La Rochelle

The University of La Rochelle is authorized to deliver a Management Sciences PhD. Doctoral training is provided as part of the institut LUDI

Post-graduate institut

Historically anchored in a territory with very marked coastal characteristics, La Rochelle Université has made this singularity a true signature, in the service of a new model. It relies especially on the specialization of its research around the theme of Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (LUDI in french)

The latter are able to accompany research and deliver a PhD in the following fields

  • Management Sciences
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Spatial Planning
  • Town Planning
  • Anthropology
  • Ethnology
  • Sports and Physical Activity Sciences

Research at the IAE of La Rochelle

At the IAE, academic research in Management Sciences is carried out within the La Rochelle research team called the CEREGE (Centre de Recherche en Gestion).

Bandeau La Recherche

Research at the University of La Rochelle

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  • Postgraduate studies – University of La Rochelle Technoforum 23, avenue Albert Einstein 17031 La Rochelle France +33 (0)5 46 45 87 12