Succeed at the University of La Rochelle

By studying at the University of La Rochelle, you can make the most of a port town with a pleasant climate, which is also well known for being dynamic and creative. Within this exceptional environment, the IAE offers a wide range of services to help you succeed in your academic career.

Human sized, the university gives priority to the quality of its programs, teaching innovation and individual support for its students throughout their academic career.

The city of La Rochelle, a beautiful background for your studies !

Under the sun, old stones, ancient towers and ports tell the story of La Rochelle, but environmental protection and innovation represent the most attractive and visible expressions of the city’s identity. Before others, it has distinguished itself with clean transports, commitment towards renewables, reduction of waste, etc.

The city of La Rochelle was nominated second average-sized student town (and came 22nd in general rankings) by L’Étudiant magazine, winning in two categories: night life and environment.

Student life quality, a priority for the IAE

The IAE of La Rochelle offers the possibility to enrich one’s career with many experiences, whether they are artistic, during a Maison de l’étudiant activity for example - which offers varied programming all year long - or athletic thanks to the many activities carried out by the SUAPSE - the sports service – or even with associations and parties. In other words, lots of sharing and relaxing moments, encounters and discoveries !

Practical services at the University of La Rochelle

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