Tourism Master’s – Hotel and Tourism Management

La Rochelle
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  • Continuing training
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The Tourism Management Master’s trains operational executives, for positions in hotel and tourism activities in France and abroad. The goals of this program are to enable students acquire ecxellence in fundamental management and to specialize according to the sectors and positions they have targeted.
The skills and knowledge acquired in this program facilitate direct professional integration. With time, graduates are able to assume service or establishment executive positions.

About this program

Master 1: a solid management level

A master’s degree can be considered only as part of a broader training. The first year in the Master of Hotel and Tourism Management has two goals:

  • reinforcement of knowledge in general management
  • support for specialization in the second year

The Master 1 offered at the IAE La Rochelle gives students the opportunity to specialize progressively. After a first semester based on the fundamentals of management, the second one is specifically oriented towards hotel and tourism management.

Master 2: Hotel and Tourism Management

The Hotel and Tourism Management Master 2 has been developed within the IAE since the 1990s, and is part of historical training. Many former students have had an excellent professional integration and occupy high positions around the world.

Jean-Charles Rico


A program evolving towards web marketing

This program is based essentially on what industrial and commercial companies consider a new advantage: digital services.

Since 2015, a new feature has been added to the program: digital marketing!
Digital marketing is divided into the following four classes:
- Web technologies
- Digital marketing strategy
- Social media and community management
- Mobile marketing
Graduate’s testimony
Being admitted into the Tourism Management Master’s gave me a better chance on the labor market and helped me succeed in a demanding sector. The classes are well completed by the interventions of professionals which realy gave an added value to my profile. The 6- month internship is an opportunity to seize, to prepare well for a first job and apprehend the market’s needs. I can only recommend this diploma to students who wish to persevere in the hotels and tourism industry.

Stefan Landry, Responsable développement clients B2B chez Charentes Tourisme Stefan Landry, Responsable développement clients B2B chez Charentes Tourisme


Semester or internship abroad recommended.
Some classes and conferences may be in English.


4 to 6-month internship


Candidates are selected according to their profiles.
Download the Master 1 application file at:
Download the Master 2 application file at:
A less than two-year-old IAE Message Score is required.

Prerequisites :

Knowledge of fundamental notions in management.

Tuition fees :

Basic university fees
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Target positions

  • Analyst, Revenue manager
  • Hotel director assistant
  • Seminar, banquets and events manager
  • Food and Beverage manager
  • Web marketer, community manager
  • Hotel and tourism consultant
  • HR assistant
  • Management inspector

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