Work/study programs at the IAE La Rochelle

The IAE La Rochelle offers block-release master’s programs.
By combining university training and business skills, these programs facilitate your professional integration which gives a true operational dimension to your academic career.

Work/study programs at the IAE La Rochelle

  • Master 2 in Business Administration and Management
  • Master 2 in Sales Marketing: Service Marketing
  • Master 2 in Management of Information Systems Applied to Management
  • Master 2 in Hotel and Tourism Management

Apply to a work/study program

To apply to a block-release program, you must fill out an application file which you can find here.

Everything you need to know about a professionalization contract

Useful information

A professionalization contract applies to young people aged 16 to 25, job seekers aged 26 and above, and beneficiaries of certain contracts or allowances.

  • Beneficiaries from 16 to 25 are paid a percentage of the minimum wage, according to their age and level of education.
  • Job seekers are paid at least 85% of the conventional minimum wage.

For employers, this contract opens room for hiring and, in some cases, exonerates them from social security contributions.

For more information :

Documents to download

PDF - 110.8 kb
Le contrat pro - Ministère du travail
PDF - 125.7 kb
Fiche pratique - Le contrat pro
PDF - 580.7 kb
Calendrier d’alternance
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