You are a former University of La Rochelle student ? We are happy to welcome you on the website of the IAE of La Rochelle, which you left a few months or many years ago.

In any case, we wish to maintain contact with you, providing you a real added value. Therefore, we have the pleasure to announce the startup of a collaborative platform which is entirely dedicated to you: LunivR.

Maintain contact with the IAE of La Rochelle

Contact us, submit or consult job offers and access many other services by:
- Joining the “Association des Anciens Diplômés de l’IAE de La Rochelle"
Recently created, the main task of the bureau of former students is to animate and develop the network of former students, through local partnership agreements and events.
In order to provide quality services and increase our IAE’s visibility, we are counting on you to participate by contributing a sum of 20€.

Participate in University life

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