At the University of La Rochelle, every sport is practiced whether individual, like sailing, athletics or judo, or collective like rugby or basketball. During this year, 24 Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management students practiced a sport at high level at the same time.

Reconciling academic studies and sports competition

The required qualities to succeed athletically speaking are many: application, concentration, surpassing oneself etc.
These qualities also allow succeeding in management studies.

Athletes sign a contract with their faculty and the Department of Sport and Physical Education SUAPSE to make their class timetable match with practice and competition. That way, tests can be anticipated or postponed. Thanks to these dispositions, 21 out of 24 students went through first year and continued their studies with application.

High level faculty athletes

  • Marina Kainleinsberger (3rd year Management student), French university weightlifting vice-champion 2014.->art17]
  • Valentin Rouvier (Management Sciences Master 1 student), French amateur triathlon champion.
  • Pernelle Michon (Management Bachelor’s Degree graduate), French sailing vice-champion 2011.
  • Maxime Fray (Private Law Master’s graduate), French university rugby team in 2013.
  • Mathilde de Kérangat (Private Law Master’s graduate), Laser sailing world champion in Japan, 2009.
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