The IAE of La Rochelle obtained Qualicert certification in 2009. This accreditation refers to management processes, with as many as fifty points evaluated by experts from the SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance).

Qualicert: a guarantee of service quality

The Qualicert certification of services is the recognition of the conformity of services delivered by the IAE with requirements defined by French law.

The Institute is certified based on standards related to “academic research and teaching activities in the domain of management sciences”.

Certification Qualicert

Main certified characteristics

1. High added value academic and work/study training programs
2. Skilled teaching and administrative personnel
3. Recognized academic research activity
4. Educational modalities specific to Management and Business Administration
5. Networks and partnerships with the social and economic world
6. International openness
7. Training programs established in a stimulating intellectual and cultural environment
8. Reliable information towards students and companies
9. Continuous quality improvement

29 avenue Aristide Briand
94111 Arcueil cedex

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