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La Rochelle
  • Initial training
  • Continuing training

The Management Degree is intended to give a solid basic training in management. The courses provided allow students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue master’s studies in the various fields of business management. Professional integration is also possible directly after the program in various professions: management assistant, salesman, management controller, etc.
The Bachelor’s degree is a general training clearly oriented towards the professional world.
The lessons include:
The main functions of the company: administrative, accounting and financial, commercial, information system, human resources, logistics, etc.
The business environment: economic, legal, social, marketing, societal, cultural, etc.
Professional use of foreign languages.
Two courses are offered on the whole program, including a minimum of 8 weeks in the last year of the bachelor’s degree.

About this program

A word from the course supervisor

The IAE La Rochelle Management Degree is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge in organizational management, which is essential for continuing their studies in a Master’s degree or integration into the labor market. The program combines theoretical knowledge and practical applications, in connection with current and future problems of companies. The teaching team is made up of teachers and professionals who work closely on the content of the lessons.

Isabelle Sueur


Group supervisors:

1st year:

Isabelle Sueur


2nd year:

Cécile Cristau


3rd year:

Sophie Tarascou


3rd year Finance :


Isabelle Sueur


Program Content

The lessons include:

  • Main business functions : Administration, accounting and finance, information systems, human resources, logistics, etc.
  • The business environment economic, legal, social, marketing, societal, cultural, and so on.
  • Professional use of foreign languages. Two languages ​​are compulsory: English, as well as a second language (Spanish or German).

Student Projects

A Business Game is held in the first and third years. This game enables one to sharpen one’s knowledge and to improve one’s skills in management, by playing the role of a virtual contractor.
Students are divided into teams, competing with each other. Each team is in charge of the integral management of a company: a product / service to be designed, manufactured, distributed and promoted. Challenges are organized to develop skills in finance, human resources, commercial negotiation, external communication.

Score IAE Message

Mandatory IAE Score Message to integrate training in third year .

Graduate’s testimony

As I was interested in financial and accounting matters in 2010, i integrated the first year of a management degree in La Rochelle. I think the size of the university and the number of students in La Rochelle are a real asset in comparison to the IAEs of larger cities. The themes treated are exhaustive and relate to all the aspects of how companies function with emphasis being placed on the professional ones. Thanks to the courses offered in La Rochelle, I have been admitted into a Masters program specializing in Administrative and Financial Management at the University school of management in Pau and have succeeded in passing my first-year examination. I am now in the second year and will end my studies by combining working and studying in the field of management control.

Romain Fagnoux Romain Fagnoux


In the third year, students have the opportunity to go abroad for at least one semester to a partner university in Europe or elsewhere.
Internships can also take place abroad (2nd and 3rd year). More ...


Two periods of internships are included in the training program.

  • In second year, the internship lasts 6 to 8 weeks. It is a first experience in business management. The student participates in the activities and carries out a mission in connection with the classes taught at University.
  • In third year, a minimum 8 week internship. The intern is entrusted with a consistent mission, in line with the level of education and skill. The mission should be as close as possible to an actual job that the student could take after the training course.


Tuition fees :

University fees
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Target positions

- Assistant marketing
- Assistant chef de produit
- Assistant comptable
- Assistant commercial
- Assistant de gestion dans les PME

Further learning

- Licence professionnelle Gestionnaire de biens immobiliers
- Licence professionnelle Droit, gestion et comptabilité de l’entreprise
- Licence professionnelle e-Tourisme
- Licence professionnelle MASERTIC
- Master Science du management : Management des activités hôtelières et touristiques,marketing des services,système d’Information appliqué au management
- Master Sciences pour l’environnement : Management environnemental


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