Postgraduate studies

Among the six University of La Rochelle accredited doctoral schools, the “école doctorale” allows students to prepare a thesis in one of management’s main fields

Postgraduate studies at the IAE La Rochelle

The Management Science PhD at the doctoral school lasts three years. As a logical continuation of a master’s degree, it is the outcome of 8 years of university studies.

Goals and prospects are:

  • Preparation for researcher or lecturer positions.
  • Training through research for high positions in business analysis services or consulting activities.

Postgraduate training represents a professional research experience, which is certified after presenting a thesis to obtain the title of doctor.

Working hand in hand with the CEREGE, two main domains are preferred: the digital world and sustainable development.

Application Conditions

To apply for a PhD at the University of La Rochelle, the candidate must have a master’s degree, or its equivalent, and must have already been trained for research. Furthermore, the application must be signed by a thesis director, a laboratory director, a postgraduate program director as well as the doctoral school director.

PhD at the University of La Rochelle

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